How Often Should I Change the Filter on My Carrier Weathermaker 9200?

James Jordan

Routine maintenance on your heating system can make it more efficient.

Filter's work

One of the best things you can do to help your heating or air conditioning unit run efficiently and last longer is to keep airflow unobstructed. Filters keep out big large, as well as some small things that could cause problems, so it is vital to change the filter as often as once a month.

Reusable filter

You will not have to change your filter on your Carrier Weathermaker 9200 often because it is designed to be re-used. It is made from stronger material than many filters, and may be cleaned and reused several times before it must be replaced. You will need to get a new filter only when the one you are using gets torn or is otherwise worn out

Bottom Line

While you may not need to change the filter often, keeping airflow clear still is just as important, and the filter can get just as dirty as a disposable filter. You should clean this filter at least once per month and change it when it gets torn or worn out.