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What Kind of Discount Can I Expect for a Dent on a New Refrigerator?

Jennifer Dermody

Buying a dented refrigerator will save you money. Depending on where you make your purchase, you can save a standard 15 percent at a home-improvement store up to 50 percent or more at a factory sale.

Home-Improvement Stores

Shop around for big discounts on slightly damaged refrigerators.
If you want a bigger discount, just ask a manager.

Home-improvement stores generally discount their scratch-and-dent and refurbished appliances 15 percent off the regular retail or sale price, possibly more, depending on the severity of the damage. If you find an imperfection on a regularly priced refrigerator, bypass the sales clerk and go directly to a supervisor or manager who is authorized to offer a discount. Agree to purchase the appliance and take it home immediately for the best discount.

Wholesale Clearinghouses

Wholesale clearinghouses carry appliances at big discounts.

Wholesale clearinghouses buy slightly damaged or discontinued appliances in bulk. They offer the savings to consumers by selling at discounted prices from what you would expect to pay retail. They keep overhead low and tend not to have fancy showrooms. Do not expect a further discount from what is listed on the appliance because prices are already well below retail, sometimes as low as 50 percent off.

Factory Direct Sales or Outlets

Shop factory direct for the best refrigerator prices.

For the best prices on damaged or less-than-perfect appliances, buy directly from a factory at an outlet store. The best discounts come directly from factories because there is no middle man to mark up the prices for profit. For example, Sears Outlet advertises 20 percent to 60 percent discounts on everyday prices.