What Is an Electric Skillet Used for?

Electric skillets are freestanding cooking devices that are heated using electricity (as opposed to regular skillets, which are heated on a stove top). These skillets cook an assortment of foods and come in a number of sizes.


Electric skillets can cook a variety of foods.
Electric skillets come in a number of sizes and styles.

Electric frying pans come in two main styles: skillets and griddles.  Skillets have siding or walls, so they can cook foods such as rice and stir-fry.

Griddles, on the other hand, are a flat surface without siding, so can only cook food like pancakes and french toast.  Though these pans are famous for frying, they can also bake, steam and roast certain food.


Electric frying pans cook food evenly.

The mobility and cooking quality of electric skillets make them very handy appliances: They make cooking possible when there is no stove or free burners, and, according to LynnsKitchenAdventurescom, the surface of an electric skillet heats evenly, making cooking large batches simple and consistent. 


Electric skillets can reach very high temperatures.

Take precautions with electric skillets in order to avoid burns.  These skillets should never be picked up or moved while they are on.

Also, oil should be used carefully in the skillet because the heat will cause the oil to splatter. 

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