How to Clean Soap Scum and Water Spots Off Glass Shower Enclosures

A glass shower enclosure provides an open, spacious feeling in a bathroom. While the shower's sleek appearance is aesthetically appealing, soap scum and water spots are common on the glass. The cloudy stains made of soap scum and mineral deposits from hard water are difficult to remove. Regularly clean soap scum and water spots from glass shower enclosures to maintain their appearance.

Soap scum and water spots appear as cloudy stains on glass showers.

Step 1

Drench paper towels with white vinegar. Place the saturated towels on the glass shower enclosure, covering the soap scum and water spots.

Step 2

Keep the drenched paper towels on the glass shower enclosure for an hour. Vinegar softens soap scum and dissolves water spots on glass.

Step 3

Remove the paper towels from the shower enclosure. Wipe the glass enclosure with clean paper towels, removing as much soap scum and as many water spots as possible.

Step 4

Spray undiluted white vinegar onto any remaining soap scum and water spots on the glass.

Step 5

Let the vinegar permeate the stains for 10 minutes.

Step 6

Wipe the remaining soap scum and water spots off the enclosure with clean paper towels.