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How to Make a Back for Your TV Stand

Alec Preble

Some TV stands come with a thin backing to cover the space behind the television, and others are completely open. An open back against a wall might be acceptable, but a back provides a more finished look and enables the TV stand to be placed in the middle of a room without access to all the cords and cables. If your TV stand didn't come with a back, you can make one and attach it yourself.

Step 1

Measure the perimeter of the back of the TV stand. Mark the dimensions on a sheet of paper.

Step 2

Purchase a piece of thin plywood or particle board big enough to cover the entire back of the unit. Purchase a package of wood nails long enough to penetrate the plywood or particle board and at least 3/4 inches into the wood on the back of the unit.

Step 3

Measure and mark the perimeter to be cut on one side of the plywood or particle board.

Step 4

Cut the plywood or particle board to the correct size with a circular saw.

Step 5

Paint or stain the backing an appropriate color. Allow the paint or stain to fully dry.

Step 6

Ask a helper to hold the backing up to the back of the TV stand. Hammer several nails through the backing and into the TV stand to secure the backing.