Setup Instructions for the Rubbermaid 60 Garment Closet

Hollan Johnson

The Rubbermaid 60-inch Garment Closet is a stand-alone closet for storing clothing. It has a canvas wardrobe cover to keep your clothes protected from dust and moisture as well. The doors close with a zipper, but the top part of the canvas cover is made of clear plastic so you can see into the closet. The Rubbermaid 60-inch Garment Closet works well for extra storage or as a closet in a room that doesn't have one.

Step 1

Place the three base pieces in a row. The base piece with the three horizontal holes that go all the way through the plastic is the middle one. Place the outer base pieces, the ones with the horizontal holes that don't go through the plastic all the way, on either side of the middle one. Insert the three poles through the middle base piece's horizontal holes. Slip the ends of the poles into the outer pieces' horizontal holes so each outer piece has three pole ends in it.

Step 2

Place the nine wall poles, the poles that provide vertical support, into the three base pieces. There are three vertical holes in the top of each base piece. Place one pole in each vertical base hole.

Step 3

Place the three top pieces onto the wall poles. The top pieces will mirror the base pieces.

Step 4

Place the middle hanging rack into the middle of the three top pieces.

Step 5

Unzip the canvas cover and slip it over the closet so the corners match up with each frame corner. Make sure the clear plastic section is at the top of the closet.