How to Decorate Flower Pots With Tulle & Ribbon

Inexpensive tulle and ribbon dress up simple flower pots, making customized containers for an event. Tulle, a soft netting material, comes in a multitude of colors on 6-inch-wide rolls or in 54-inch-wide bolts, making it versatile for many sized pots. Large pots can define an aisle at a wedding or other formal event. A pot covered in tulle looks dressier than one covered in ribbons; ribbon-covered pots work well at casual events. Decorated pots can hold real or artificial plants, or be filled with cut flowers, candy or other small items to use as a centerpiece.

Decorating With Tulle

Tulle comes in many different colors.

Step 1

Lay the tulle on the table.  Place the pot on top of the tulle, right side up, and pull the tulle up the sides.

Mark where the tulle just comes up over the lip of the pot; lay the tulle back on the table.  Cut a square from the tulle at the place you marked.

The sides of the square should be roughly 2 1/2 times the height of the pot. 

Step 2

Cut a strip of tulle long enough to wrap around the top of the pot three times.  The strip should be roughly 6 inches wide; it will get scrunched a bit when you tie it around the pot.

Step 3

Place the pot back on the square of tulle.  Place a few dots of hot glue around the rim of the pot.

Gather the tulle up to the top, pressing it securely into the hot glue. 

Step 4

Tie the strip of tulle around the top in a bow.  This should cover up any glue that may be showing through from the previous step.

Secure the bow with a few dots of glue, if desired. 

Decorating With Ribbon

Step 1

Gather several different ribbons that coordinate with each other.  Mix different widths for more variation.

Step 2

Wrap each ribbon around the pot at a different height and overlap the ends by an inch or two.  Cut the ribbon to fit.

Lay the pre-measured ribbons to the side. 

Step 3

Place glue on one side of a ribbon. 

Step 4

Wrap the ribbon around the pot in its predetermined location, holding it firmly until the glue dries.  Repeat with the other ribbons until you have glued them all in place.

Create a striped effect by covering the entire pot or leaving several inches of space between each ribbon. 


Step 1

Wrap the pot with tulle and use ribbon around the rim, instead of a strip of tulle.  You could also use tulle and ribbon for a fuller effect.

Step 2

Wrap a pot in several different colors of tulle.  For example, a dark red covered by white.

Step 3

Line the pot with tulle like you would a gift bag and tissue paper.  This works well with a centerpiece that doesn't contain dirt.

You can then fill it with candies or other items.  Leave the tulle falling over the rim to the outside of the pot.

Things You Will Need

  • Pot, any size or material
  • Tulle
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue

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