How to Fix a Hoover Vacuum's Suction Problem

Whatever type of vacuum cleaner you use, whether it’s a Hoover or other make, its most important function is suction. The problem is there are many reasons why your Hoover vacuum can lose suction. The best method to fix suction problems is to use a systematic approach; go for the easy remedies first and move on the more difficult and possibly expensive areas later. The chances are you can fix the suction problem fairly quickly.

Most suction probelms can be easily fixed.

Step 1

Check the bag or dust container first. All vacuums, including Hoover vacuums, need the dust bag or container emptied regularly. A full dust bag is a very likely reason for a suction problem as once they are full the air is unable to circulate and suction stops. Remove the bag or container and empty it completely. Plastic dust containers can easily be washed as well, but ensure you dry it before using it again.

Step 2

Remove the filters. There are two or three filters, depending on the type of Hoover vacuum you are using. One filter cleans the air before it enters the vacuum and the others filter the air before it leaves the vacuum. Blocked filters restrict airflow, meaning your vacuum loses suction; it can also make the motor overheat. Wash the filters to remove the dirt and dust and then allow them to dry completely before replacing them.

Step 3

Check for blockages inside the hoses. All Hoover vacuum hoses can be removed from the vacuum cleaner. The best method is to separate different parts of the hoses and lay them flat. Use a long stick or similar item and push the stick through the hoses to ensure you remove any blockages. Hold the hoses straight and look through to make sure you can see clearly out of the other end.

Step 4

Check for blockages inside the vacuum, if none of the previous fixes have worked. You need to remove the bottom plate to access the motor and belt drive. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the plate in place and remove the plate using your hands.

Step 5

Look around the space for areas that are blocked and remove the dirt and dust using your fingers. Check that the brushes don’t have hair matted around them and that the motor spindle is free from hair and dirt. Replace the plate and tighten the screws.


  • Ensure the Hoover vacuum is not plugged into the wall socket before you attempt to fix the suction problem.