How to Care for Rattlesnake Skin Boots

A live rattlesnake may be dangerous, but boots made from the viper's skin are highly desired and can cost several hundred dollars. Rattlesnake skin boots are somewhat more delicate than traditional cowhide boots and require special care. If you want to sport Western wear and stand out from the crowd, wear rattlesnake skin boots. Rattlesnake skin naturally yellows with age and from exposure to the sun. Properly maintained, your snakeskin boots should last for years.

Snakeskin boots add an elegant touch to jeans and other outfits.

Step 1

Brush your snakeskin boots gently with a boot brush. Go against the scales. This loosens any dirt or dust lodged underneath the scales.

Step 2

Dampen a soft cloth and wipe down the boots, this time in the direction of the rattlesnake scales. Allow boots to dry.

Step 3

Apply several thin coats of reptile conditioner to the boots. Gently rub in the conditioner, following the grain of the scales.

Step 4

Apply a thin layer of a nonsilicone water repellent for added protection. Follow the manufacturer's directions on the label.