How to Install a Jackson 20-330 Door Closer

Zyon Silket

A Jackson 20-330 is a gas-shock powered door closer that attaches to the interior topside of a door and to the interior door frame. When a person opens the door, the gas shock inside the closer pulls the door shut. This is a great way to ensure a door never stays open after someone walks through it. It is a good idea to install this door closer if you have pets and children. When your children forget to close the door, the door closes automatically to prevent your animals from getting out.

Step 1

Remove the cover from the large housing that attaches to the door. The cover hides the mounting holes and the shock.

Step 2

Place the housing against the door. Position it in the upper corner where the door attaches to the door frame. Hold it inward from the edge approximately 1 inch and down from the top of the door approximately 1 inch.

Step 3

Swing the actuator arm mounted to the top of the housing over so the mounting plate on the actuator arm rests against the framing above the door. Slide the mounting plate on the actuator arm toward the hinge side of the door until it will no longer move without the mounting plate lifting off the door frame. This positions the actuator arm in the closed position.

Step 4

Mark the mounting holes on the housing onto the door, and then mark the mounting plate on the actuator arm onto the door framing.

Step 5

Drill pilot holes at each marked location with a drill bit that measures half the diameter of the drills supplied with the door closer. Do not drill completely though the door. Only drill as deep as the screws are long.

Step 6

Place the door closer against the door and secure it with the supplied screws. Attach the mounting plate for the actuator arm to the door frame.

Step 7

Place the cover onto the housing. The cover snaps into place by pressing on it.