How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Man Cave

The man cave -- its not actually a cave, but a domain designed around a man's peculiar interests. It is a room where men are allowed to be themselves, play video games without fear of interruption or sharing, and just find solace in all things manly. There is no correct way to turn a bedroom into a man cave, but it is usually not appropriate to put up family photos or pictures of flowers.

Step 1

Determine what the main activity will be in your man cave. Most man caves have an entertainment system, but you might also want the man cave to have a pool table, a poker table or exercise equipment. Since most bedrooms aren't large enough to accommodate all purposes, select one or two.

Step 2

Mount a large flat screen on the wall. No man cave is complete without a TV. If you enjoy video games, make sure to connect a game console to your screen.

Step 3

Mount a shelf underneath the installed TV. Underneath the shelf, place a small fridge to hold beer and other beverages. Install several shelves on the other side of the shelving unit to hold a game console, movies, books or other items.

Step 4

Mount speakers into or on the ceiling. Two small speakers should be placed behind the seating area to provide surround sound.

Step 5

Place seating in front of the television. Theater-style seating, a recliner or a couch will all work in a man cave. Make sure the seating is designed for serious lounging.

Step 6

Add a card table, pool table or exercise equipment. If the room allows, divide the room into two with a divider or an area rug. Place the entertainment system in one-half and the exercise or game table in the other half.

Step 7

Decorate the man cave with pictures. Frame your favorite team's jersey, or put up movie posters.

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