How to Lock Maytag Oven Doors

Jon Stefansson

Maytag self-cleaning ovens have a lockable main door that prevents accidental exposure to the high temperatures used to remove dirt from the walls and metal shelves. The door lock can also be switched on while the oven is idle to stop children from opening the oven by accident. Pressing a combination of buttons on the control panel enables you to toggle the electronic lock on and off whenever necessary.

Step 1

Locate the "Cancel" and "Cook & Hold" buttons on the oven's control panel.

Step 2

Hold down "Cancel" then hold "Cook & Hold" with another finger for three seconds. Both buttons must be held together.

Step 3

Wait three seconds; the display will change from "OFF" to "LOCK" and the door will seal.

Step 4

Repeat these instructions to unlock the door. The door lock cannot be activated if the oven is in use.