Leveling a Frigidaire Affinity Washer

Meredith Jameson

When a washing machine is not level, such as a Frigidaire Affinity washer, several problems may occur, such as shaking, thumping and vibrating. Or the washer may even move when in use. While the washer should have been checked to ensure the appliance was level when installed, making modifications to level the washer can be done at any time to help resolve the problem.

Step 1

Start the Frigidaire Affinity washing machine and observe the floor for signs of bending when the washer is in use. Stop the washer by pressing "Stop/Cancel." Move the washing machine to a more stable surface if the floor is flexing or add a piece of plywood between the washing machine and the floor for increased support.

Step 2

Set a level on the top of the washing machine and observe the bubble in the center window. Use adjustable pliers to turn the leveling feet on the bottom of the washer or the pedestal if the bubble is off center. Turning the feet clockwise will raise the washer and turning the feet counterclockwise will lower it. Continue until the bubble in the level is centered in the window.

Step 3

Press down on alternate corners on top of the washer and try to rock the washing machine. Make further adjustments to the feet if movement is felt until the washer does not rock and each foot sits firmly on the floor.