How to Take Apart a Scunci Steamer

Taking apart a Scunci Steamer enables you to troubleshoot it for problems that cause it to operate less efficiently. This small, handy appliance enables you to steam clean hard surfaces and some types of flooring. Over time, mineral deposits may build up inside the steamer, thus causing it to work improperly. Taking the steamer apart allows you to clean it and repair the problems, therefore making it last longer.

Steam is an effective way to kill germs in kitchens and bathrooms.

Step 1

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to take out the screws on the part where the steam comes out. 

Step 2

Dismantle another section of the steamer by removing the screw at the bottom of the handle. 

Step 3

Remove the plastic hosing screws to release the hosing from the Scunci steamer.  Some models may require that you simply unsnap the hose.

This enables you to clean the hoses thoroughly. 

Step 4

Twist off the nut and washers inside the area where the hose attaches with your fingers. 

Step 5

Look underneath the rubber flap surrounding the hole where you add the water to the steamer.  Remove these screws as well.

This enables you to take apart the appliance. 

Step 6

Use the end of the screwdriver or a metal punch to loosen the brass rod by tapping on it.  Take it out once it comes loose.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver


  • Steam cleaning is a viable alternative to cleaning hard surfaces. The vapor in steaming often reaches temperatures of over 200 F, as stated by the Allergy Consumer Review. It cleans allergy-causing molds and germs better than many commercial cleaners.
  • Clean all parts of the Scunci steamer well. Use warm water and a squirt of mild dishwashing liquid along with an old toothbrush or another narrow brush. Rinse the parts well with clean water. Dry them with a soft cleaning cloth before putting the steamer back together.
  • Go over any heavily soiled areas you want to steam clean with an appropriate cleaning product before using the appliance. The small Scunci Steamer is not meant for cleaning excessive grime.
  • Although the steam is created with water only, mold and mineral deposit buildup may occur inside the fill tank. Run a vinegar solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water through the steamer once a month or at least three times a year depending on how often you use the steamer.

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