Mounting a Norbo IKEA Shelf Without Studs

Nat Fondell

The Norbo IKEA table shelf unit is one of the most versatile and helpful items for the resident of a small home or apartment and can easily be utilized as a practical table in even the largest of homes. One key aspect of its practicality is its positioning in exactly the right place, such as next to the refrigerator or under a cabinet system. Yet when positioning it in this way, it is often impossible to line up the support screw positions in the Norbo table to the studs in the wall. Luckily, the Norbo table can easily be installed with heavy-duty drywall anchors.

Collapsable tables are a great tool for space-conscious living quarters.

Step 1

Open up the Norbo table in its upright position. Place it in the desired wall area and set a carpenter's level on the tabletop. Mark each support screw hole location with a pencil once the table is level.

Step 2

Use a stud finder to locate any studs in the wall, marking their location with a pencil. Line up the table, if possible, to attach it to a stud at even one location as this will provide greatly increased stability and weight-bearing capacity.

Step 3

Screw heavy-duty drywall anchors into the wall at the marked locations. Pre-drill the holes if recommended by the manufacturer for that particular brand of drywall anchor as various brands are designed differently.

Step 4

Position the Norbo table against the wall and insert the included drywall anchor screws or wood screws through the washers before inserting them into the table holes then into the wall. Insert each screw partway with the drill then tighten the screws completely once they have all been installed halfway.

Step 5

Test the strength of the table installation by pressing down on the table to determine if there is any give or sag to the drywall anchors. Strengthen the installation, if necessary, by attaching a 2x4 to the available studs in the wall then attaching the table to the 2x4.