How to Cover Up Shelves in a Garage

Lanh Ma

Shelves in the garage can hold a jumble of tools, buckets and other outdoor items, and though these things are off the floor, they still may not be entirely organized. When you are sick of looking at the tangle on your garage shelving unit, make a tough shelf cover using an old clean tarp and some Velcro to hide the items. This cover gives your garage a significantly tidier look while helping keep dust and debris off your shelf.

Cover your garage shelves to conceal clutter.

Step 01

Clean an old tarp with soap and water and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 11

Measure the height of your garage shelf and add 1 inch. This is measurement A.

Step 21

Measure the width of your garage shelf. This is measurement B.

Step 31

Cut a rectangle from the tarp that matches measurements A and B using a pair of heavy scissors.

Step 41

Cut a piece of Velcro that is as long as measurement B. Velcro comes in two strips gripping each other.

Step 51

Glue one-half of the Velcro strip across the top of the shelf using hot glue.

Step 61

Glue the other half of the Velcro strip across one of the corresponding edges on the tarp.

Step 71

Cover your garage shelf by sticking the Velcro together and allowing the tarp curtain to hang down.