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How to Repair a Ryobi IR001 Thermometer

Jon Stefansson

The Ryobi IR001 infrared thermometer provides a way of taking accurate temperature readings without making contact with the object. The device is useful for monitoring mechanical and electrical equipment for hotspots and checking windows for air leaks. Repairing the IR001 at home involves making an inspection of the unit and carrying out some manufacturer-approved changes. You could find the thermometer fails to pick up temperatures or stops working completely.

Step 1

Slide the battery cover, located on the front of the hand grip, downward. Take out the existing 9-volt battery and install a fresh replacement. The battery supplied with the unit eventually runs low and could cause the thermometer to work intermittently. An icon appears on the display when battery power is low.

Step 2

Clean the outside of the IR001 with a warm, damp cloth. Using the device with dirty hands could cause the trigger to gum up and become sticky. Use a dry cloth to wipe dust off the lens of the infrared and laser lens on the front of the device. Ryobi recommends cleaning the surface of the target to achieve accurate results.

Step 3

Let the unit rest for 10 to 15 minutes after moving to a location outside the ambient temperature limit. The IR001 struggles to take accurate readings in temperatures lower than 32 Fahrenheit or above 122 Fahrenheit. When it comes time to take the temperature, reduce any sources of external light and try to keep the unit within 2 feet of the target.