How to Install a Drainage Hose Clamp on a Washer

Kimberly Johnson

A common problem with many washing machines is a loose drain hose that repeatedly slips out of the drain connection in the wall. If the hose slips out completely, the washing machine water drains onto the floor, possibly damaging it. To solve this problem, install a washer drain hose clamp that secures the hose inside the drain outlet.

Drain hose clamps prevent water spills.

Step 1

Grasp the side of the washer, and pull it out from the wall until you can find the drain outlet located behind it. The outlet box contains a cold and hot water knob and a center hose where the drain fits. It is typically on the rear wall but might be located elsewhere. Trace the drain hose to its end to find the outlet box.

Step 2

Grasp the hose from inside the outlet box, and pull it straight up until it detaches completely.

Step 3

Remove a washer hose clamp from the packaging. Turn the clamp so that it looks like a hook or a candy cane.

Step 4

Push the washer's drain hose up through the straight end of the washer clamp gently. Continue gently pushing the hose up through the curved portion of the clamp and back down through the other end until the hose extends out seven inches.

Step 5

Insert the end of the hose into the center drain opening in the outlet box until the lower portion of the U-shaped clamp sits inside the hole.

Step 6

Wrap a beaded tie strap around the drain pipe and the water hoses to prevent vibration. Secure the beaded strap by pulling its free end through the loop in its opposite end.

Step 7

Push the washing machine back into the proper position.