How to Adjust Blumotion Drawers

Blumotion drawer closures eliminate the loud bang associated when a drawer slams against a cabinet closed with too much force. The noise is removed when the closure engages, slows the drawer and slowly pulls it tight to the face of the cabinet. When a Blumotion closure becomes misaligned, the drawer will be difficult to open, not close evenly or will only partially open when pulled. Luckily, Blumotion closures have built built-in adjustments that allow the height and tilt of the drawer to be changed to correct maladjustment.

Blumotion slides keep drawers pulled tight to a cabinet.

Step 1

Pull the drawer open.

Step 2

Locate the two locking devices on the left and right sides of the drawer bottom, against the drawer front. Run a finger along the bottom of each locking device until it falls into the recessed adjustment tab along the outer edge of each device.

Step 3

Pull both fingers toward the bottom of the drawer to release the tabs. Hold the tabs in their release positions. Push the tabs toward the cabinet to raise the drawer front or pull them forward to lower the drawer front.

Step 4

Close the drawer. Repeat the steps if the drawer does not fully close. Note the orientation of the drawer front to the cabinet face.

Step 5

Open the drawer. Wrap the fingers of both hands around the sides of the drawer with their tips resting on the inside edge of each locking device. Pull your fingers toward the outside of the drawer to release the closures from the cabinet-mounted slides.

Step 6

Turn the tilt adjustment levers -- mounted at the rear sides of the drawer -- counterclockwise to tilt the drawer front forward, clockwise to tilt the drawer front backward. Push the drawer into the slides. Close the drawer.

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