How to Change a Spin Bearing in a Maytag Atlantis Washer

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Maytag is an American manufacturing company that's been producing appliances for residential and commercial customers since 1893. The Maytag Atlantis is a top-loading washing machine that's available in basic and deluxe models. Both types of Atlantis washers contain a special bearing to ensure smooth tub rotation during the spin cycle. If the tub in your Maytag Atlantis washer is struggling to spin or makes a screeching noise while spinning, a bad spin bearing is usually to blame. Changing the spin bearing in a Maytag Atlantis washing machine is an arduous and lengthy process.

Step 1

Disconnect the power cord for your Maytag Atlantis washer from the wall outlet to prevent electrocution. Turn off the hot and cold water supply using the two valves on the wall behind the appliance. Detach the water supply and drain hoses from the ports on the back of the washer. Allow the water from the hoses to drain into a container.

Step 2

Stick a putty knife under the front edge of the top cover, approximately 3 inches in from each corner, to locate the two retaining tabs. Push the tabs to the side and raise the top cover to the vertical service position. Take out the two screws at the top of the front panel. Slide the panel straight up to clear the retaining tabs on the base of the washer. Pull the front panel away from the cabinet and set it aside.

Step 3

Release the locking tabs on the outer edge of the plastic tub cover and pull it off the top of the washer tub. Press down on the fabric softener dispenser and unsnap it from the top of the agitator assembly. Remove the agitator retaining screw and washer, and lift out the entire assembly.

Step 4

Reach inside the tub and remove the four screws securing the inner tub to the tub hub assembly. Lift the inner tub over the center post and out of the washer cabinet. Disconnect the pump inlet and air dome hoses from the outside of the outer tub. Remove the mounting screws inside the tub; these screws screw directly into the bearing and seal housing. Take out the screws holding the outer tub to the tub support. Pull the outer tub out of the washer; protect the fragile air bell connector when removing the tub.

Step 5

Pry the "O" ring off of the agitator shaft using needle-nose pliers or a small flat-head screwdriver. Turn the seal nut counterclockwise using a seal nut tool to separate the nut from the tub hub assembly. Rotate the tub hub nut counterclockwise with a spanner wrench to remove it.

Step 6

Use a spring tool to remove the suspension springs from the hooks on the tub support. Take out the bolts securing the tub support braces using an adjustable wrench. Pull the bearing and seal housing out of the washer cabinet with the tub support still attached. Turn the components over and remove the three screws from the bottom of the tub support.

Step 7

Turn over the bearing and seal housing to access the cavity on the underside of the component. Pry the seal body out of the cavity using the small flat-head screwdriver. Force out the spin bearing from the front side of the housing. Align the new spin bearing with the housing and press it into place. Replace the removed seal body.