How to Replace the Ignitor for a GE XL44 Gas Oven

The GE XL44 is a free-standing self-cleaning gas range manufactured for residential use.
The ignitor utilizes the gas supply to produce heat inside the oven. Older gas ovens used a pilot light for this purpose that would stay on continuously. The ignitor only comes on when the oven is turned on. If the ignitor breaks or fails, the oven will not work. Replace the faulty ignitor to restore your GE XL44 oven to working order.

Step 1

Turn off the GE XL44 oven. Shut off the gas supply leading to the oven.

Step 2

Open the oven door. Remove the oven racks.

Step 3

Remove the two screws at the back of the oven bottom panel. Lift the panel out through the front opening.

Step 4

Remove the two screws holding the ignitor to the gas burner assembly toward the rear of the oven. Unplug the electrical connector from the old ignitor. Remove the ignitor from the oven.

Step 5

Install the new ignitor onto the gas burner assembly. Plug the electrical connector into its harness. Insert the two screws holding the ignitor in place.

Step 6

Replace the oven bottom panel. Install the two screws at the back of the panel to secure it to the cabinet.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

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