How to Fix Your Whirlpool Dryer From Squealing

Noises are common when using home appliances and are typically a sign of a potential hardware issue.
Eliminate your Whirlpool dryer's squealing noise without professional repair.Eliminate your Whirlpool dryer's squealing noise without professional repair.
A high-pitched squealing noise coming from your Whirlpool dryer is caused by the water pump on the dryer, and continuously squeals during an active cycle. The water pump is used on your Whirlpool dryer for the steam function to eliminate wrinkles from your clothing by releasing steam while drying, and begins to squeal when the dryer is left unused for an extended period of time.

Step 1

Touch "Cycle Signal" on the dryer's control panel for three seconds to disable the control lock setting, and push "Start/Pause" to interrupt the current cycle.

Step 2

Turn the dryer's cycle knob to "Delicate," "Normal" or "Heavy Duty" to select an alternate cycle. A drying cycle set in "Damp Dry" provides steam and results in the squealing sound while active.

Step 3

Push "Dryness Level" on the front of the control panel to select "Normal" or "Less" for drying your clothes to reduce wrinkles.

Step 4

Press "Wrinkle Shield" to automatically run the dryer every 90 minutes to prevent your clothes from wrinkling. The wrinkle shield feature is useful if you do are unable to promptly remove your clothing once the cycle finishes, as the dryer circulates air through the clothes to reduce the likelihood of wrinkles.

Step 5

Tap "Start/Pause" to resume the dryer's cycle. The dryer should no longer squeal once the cycle is swtiched from damp dry.