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How to Put My Frigidaire Dishwasher Back Together

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

The Frigidaire division of Electrolux produces a wide array of residential kitchen appliances, including an extensive line of dishwashers. Frigidaire dishwashers make cleaning up after family meals quick and convenient. However, like most major appliances, Frigidaire dishwashers need occasional maintenance to remain in proper working condition. Breaking down the dishwasher and troubleshooting problem components is only half the battle. Putting a Frigidaire dishwasher back together after servicing it can be done, but novice do-it-yourselfers may wish to consult a professional.

Step 1

Disconnect the electrical power to the Frigidaire dishwasher before servicing it; unplug the appliance or flip the corresponding circuit breaker to the "Off" position. Find the water shut-off valve under your sink. Rotate the valve clockwise to turn off the water supply to the dishwasher.

Step 2

Lower the pump and motor assembly into the floor of the dishwasher. Reach under the dishwasher and find the four retaining tabs on the bottom of the assembly. Rotate the tabs 90 degrees to lock the pump and motor assembly in place.

Step 3

Find the thermistor on the underside of the pump and motor assembly. Clip the yellow thermistor wires to the thermistor terminals. Plug the wires near the motor into the motor wiring harness; snap the plastic connector into the harness receptacle. Use the same process to connect the pump wiring. Fit the drain hose onto the port on the drain pump, and install the hose clamp.

Step 4

Place the filter in the floor of the dishwasher, directly on top of the pump assembly cover. Set the glass trap on top of the dishwasher filter. Position the lower spray-arm support on the glass trap; turn the support 90 degrees counterclockwise to lock it into place. Snap the lower spray arm onto the support to engage the retaining clips.

Step 5

Slide the upper and lower dishwasher racks into place. Snap the upper spray-arm bracket onto the bottom of the upper dishwasher rack. Hold the upper spray arm to the bracket; install and tighten the plastic retaining nut to secure the component. Snap the upper water tube to the top of the upper spray-arm bracket.

Step 6

Hold the kick plate to the bottom of the dishwasher and install the two Phillips mounting screws. Press the outer door panel to the door and slide it straight down to engage the locking tabs. Insert and tighten the screws at the bottom of the inner door to join the two door-assembly components.

Step 7

Align the screw holes on the control board with the screw holes on the control panel; insert and tighten the six Phillips screws. Plug the console ribbon connector into the control board. Clip the control-panel wires to the control-board terminals and plug the large white wiring connector into the board-wiring harness. Place the protective cover over the control board and install the four screws.

Step 8

Hold the control-panel assembly to the top of the dishwasher door. Insert and tighten the six Phillips screws to secure the top of the assembly to the inner-door panel.