How to Hang Posters and Pennants

Laurie Brenner

A media theater room in your home offers the ideal place for decorating with themed movie posters. Or you can share your enthusiasm for your favorite college or professional sports team by hanging pennants. Posters of artists' paintings, travel destinations or rock bands are enhancing decorative touches in a man cave, den, family room or bedroom. Special hanging tools, adhesives and methods can keep you from damaging favored pennants and posters and protect your walls at the same time. Whatever method you choose, stick to a specific design theme for decorative appeal when displaying your favorite posters and pennants.

Poster art makes delightful themed decor.

Step 1

Plan the design in advance for hanging your pennants and posters on the wall. For instance, you can hang various pennants on string to drape them across a wall or a room. Or, you can arrange a series of posters in a symmetrical or asymmetrical design or evenly space them across the wall. By drawing out the design on paper first, you save a lot of time and energy and only have to hang your items once.

Step 2

Thread multiple pennants onto a colored string through the stick sleeve of your favorite college or professional sport teams. Add a small safety pin to one end of the string to work it through the stick sleeves of the pennants.

Step 3

Attach both ends of the string that holds your pennants to the wall or across a high-ceilinged room by securing each end with a tack or small nail. Pull the string taut or allow it to drape, depending upon the desired look. You can also string them across the top of a window, or along the edge of the wall where it meets the ceiling.

Step 4

Remove the backing from one side of the poster strip adhesive to attach it to the back of a pennant. Detach the paper on the side that faces the wall. Place the pennant on the wall according to your predesigned plan. Add additional pennants as desired. Poster strip adhesives do not damage the pennant or your wall. You can detach and reattach the pennants on the wall to create a different effect. Hang pennants with the large end at an angle or horizontally, as desired. You can create an interesting group of pennants by applying them to the wall next to each other upside down and right side up. The triangle shape of the pennants makes an interesting design on the wall when applied this way.

Step 5

Insert a poster into a glass picture frame sized for the poster or add it to an acrylic poster frame. Adhere these to the wall in the desired location using standard picture frame hardware to mount it in place. Some frames come with the hardware built in, typically a "sawtooth hanger" -- a hanger with a small series of zigzag ridges affixed to the top or side of the frame that hangs on a nail in the wall, or built-in holes for attaching picture wire; others require adding hardware to the frame before hanging. Follow the design you planned for your posters to hang them on the wall. Insert a nail or picture hanger into the wall at the center point of each poster where you plan to hang it. Set a level atop the frame to adjust it.

Step 6

Hang posters directly on the wall by applying the poster strip adhesive to the back of all four corners of the poster. This works well in a child's, teenager's or college student's room for posters that get changed out often. Hang them following the vertical and horizontal lines of the wall, or skew them at crazy angles across the wall as desired.