How to Decorate a Patio for Summer

Megan Beauchamp

Get your outdoor space ready for summer with these budget-friendly, do-it-yourself projects that will make you want to sit on your patio all summer long.

Get your outdoor space ready for summer with budget-friendly, do-it-yourself projects that'll make you want to enjoy your patio all summer long.

1. Charming Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Greet guests with an easy-to-make rustic chalkboard welcome sign. The little details make all the difference when it comes to creating a welcoming environment within a small space.

2. Stamped Watermelon Doormat

Update your ordinary straw welcome mat by transforming it into a seasonal accessory with an easy sponge-stamp technique. This stamped watermelon doormat adds a festive air the minute you step out the door.

3. Faceted Log Side Table

Add a rustic touch to your patio with a geometric log side table. If you're proficient with a chainsaw, you can easily create this accent table in just a few hours.

4. Decorative Wooden Buoys

These easy-to-make decorative wooden buoys add nautical charm to any patio (even if that patio is nowhere near the shore).

5. Weathered Terra Cotta Pot Accent Table

Create a stylish and small-space-friendly outdoor accent table on a budget using two large terra cotta pots. eHow contributor 17 Apart's trick for weathering terra cotta pots takes this piece of patio decor to the next level.

6. Hanging Mason Jar Lights

Add ambiance with hanging mason jar lights. While entertaining al fresco, these lights made from upcycled mason jars, garden hooks and tea lights lend a gentle, inviting glow to your patio. Your guests may never want to leave.

Check out Inexpensive Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas for more affordable patio lighting ideas.

7. Wall-Mounted Magnetic Bottle Opener

Get ready for a summer of outdoor entertaining with an easy-to-make, wall-mounted magnetic bottle opener. This customizable bottle opener has a built-in magnetic strip to collect bottle caps, allows you to crack open cold ones outdoors, and makes a great conversation piece -- why not make it?

8. DIY Murphy Bar

Don't have the patio space for an outdoor bar 24/7? Make your own collapsable Murphy bar to enjoy when you need it and to store your bar essentials when you don't.

9. Colorful Mini Terra Cotta Planters

Add a pop of color with this mini terra cotta planters project. Use washi tape and paint to create geometric designs on the planters before potting individual succulents in each. Use aquarium rocks in the color of your choice to cover exposed soil and to add a playful, colorful accent to your patio space.

10. Geometric Planter Boxes

Customize your decor with modern geometric planter boxes. Transform fence pickets into small wood planters that will look great placed next to your patio seating area or atop a table as a rustic centerpiece.

11. Minimalist Concrete Planters

Create minimalist, modern concrete planters to adorn your patio. Because you're working with concrete, you can make customizable sizes that work for your space -- as small or as large as you like!

12. Edible Garden

Bring a touch of nature to your patio with an easy-to-grow edible garden. Whether it's a salsa garden or a pizza garden or a mint tea garden, add greenery to your outdoor space while growing fresh ingredients that can be placed just outside your door and within arm's reach for when you get cooking.

13. Modern Patio Furniture Cushions

One of the quickest and most budget-friendly ways to spruce up your patio is to revamp your patio furniture cushions. Make no-sew cushion slipcovers from a canvas drop cloth to give your outdoor space a modern feel (no sewing skills required!).

14. Simple Cinder Block and Wood Post Bench

Need extra seating for your summer soirées? Create a simple cinder block and wood post bench that can be constructed for under $100. If you only need a temporary seating solution, this budget-friendly bench can be deconstructed when the gathering is over.

15. Colorful Pallet Bench

Create a budget-friendly seating solution with a colorful pallet bench. Source upcycled materials for this project by searching for pallets behind your favorite big box store and using leftover paints. This bench can even be enjoyed long after summer is over as an entryway accessory or as an accent table at the foot of your bed.

16. Macrame Hammock Chair

Hammocks are synonymous with summer relaxation. Instead of purchasing one, why not make your own macrame hammock chair? This DIY is perfect for creating a tranquil spot to read if you're lucky enough to have a large tree or overhead post accessible from your patio.

17. Homemade Butterfly Feeder

Create a homemade butterfly feeder by upcycling a ceramic plate or glass jar into an attractive outdoor accessory. This adornment will attract local butterflies to your patio and will not only brighten your day, but will also pollinate your plants.