How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Tutorial

Folding fitted sheets neatly helps keep them smooth, wrinkle-free and ready to be tucked onto your bed.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Tutorial

Fitted sheets are designed to embrace your mattress, keeping it snug and tight so that it does not tangle around your feet or come loose from under your pillow. Few things are as satisfying as climbing into a freshly made bed, but the steps between laundering your fitted sheets and getting them into the linen closet can be frustrating. Folding fitted sheets can be a challenge, but wrestling them into neat, flat bundles saves space in your linen closet and leaves sheets wrinkle-free and ready to use.

Standing Method

Shake Out Your Sheet

Shake your fitted sheet to fluff it up and help you find the top edge of the sheet. This will be a shorter edge without a tag on it. California King beds are almost square, so that size of fitted sheet might take you a few seconds to figure out.

Bring the Top Corners Together

Fold the top right corner over your right hand. Bring the top left corner over and fit it around your hand, too.

Fold the Sheet

Slide your left hand between the sheet and your right hand so that the top corners now drape over your left hand. Slide your right hand along the inside of the sheet until you come to the bottom corner. This is a snap with a crib or toddler bed sheet and a whole lot more challenging with a large adult sheet. Work with the sheet until your right hand is covered by the two bottom corners. There will be a whole lot of slack if you're folding an adult sheet. That's OK.

Bring All of the Corners Together

Bring your right and left hands together, and tuck all of the corners around your dominant hand. Make sure not to twist the sheet. You should have a rectangle with one long, flat creased side, one short, flat creased side, one long, bunchy side and one flat, bunchy side.

Finish the Final Folds

Fold the short, flat side and the short, bunchy side together. Smooth with your hands. Repeat. Repeat again if it's a particularly large sheet. Fold the sheet in half crosswise to the last two folds. Smooth with your hands.

Bed or Table Method

Shake Out Your Fitted Sheet

Shake the sheet to smooth it out, and so that you can see its shape. Place it on your bed or a large table and arrange it so that it is inside out and the elastic is facing up.

Smooth the Edges Flat

Use your hands to flatten the elastic edges and smooth them down. You should have something that looks like a large, square-ish shower cap lying belly up.

Fold the Top and Bottom Edges Together

Your sheet should be slightly rectangular. The shorter sides are the top and bottom. Fold them together, then smooth them with your hands. Repeat.

Fold the Sides Together

Fold the left edge of the sheet over until it meets the right edge. Smooth the sheet with your hands to flatten out any air. Repeat. You should now have a large, flat square all ready for the linen closet.


Find a partner to help you. Folding fitted sheets is much easier with two people.


  • Fold your sheets immediately after removing them from the dryer. This makes for easier folding and crisp-looking sheets.

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