How to Reverse a Refrigerator Door

Your new refrigerator may fit in its spot perfectly, but when it comes to opening the doors, it may not work, as it may open the wrong way. Do not worry. The following steps will guide you in reversing the doors to allow easier access.

Removing the Doors

  1. Remove items from the refrigerator doors.

  2. Remove the grille that is located at the bottom of the refrigerator.

  3. Unplug the unit to conserve energy.

  4. Remove the top hinges.

  5. Have someone hold the doors into place while you remove them. Remove the freezer door by opening it an inch while lifting it up and down until it dislodges from the hinges. Move the handle to the other side of the door.

  6. Loosen the middle hinge of the refrigerator door and separate it from the unit by lifting upward by the handle. Remove its handle and reinstall it to the opposite side of the door.

  7. Remove the plastic plugs from the mounting holes on the other side of the refrigerator.

Reinstalling the Doors in the Reverse Positions

  1. Move the refrigerator door to the bottom hinge and place it back into its place while tightening the middle hinge.

  2. Place the freezer door onto the middle hinge and attach it to the top hinge.

  3. Adjust the doors position if necessary then tighten the hinges. Place the plugs into the old mounting holes.

  4. Move the grille hinge to the other side if necessary and reinstall the grille.

  5. Plug the refrigerator in and place the groceries back in the doors.


  • Do not remove any washers or shims on the refrigerator.
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