How to Make a Beaded Vase

A simple strand of beads can turn a simple vase into an elegant piece of home decor. Use beads to add color or depth to your vase before you fill it with blooms. A beaded vase can be an accent piece for any room in the house.

  1. Start with either a vase or bottle that can be used as a vase. Select your choice of glass, ceramic, plastic or metal. The color is also up to you and should suit the decor of your home.

  2. Find old beaded necklaces you have in your home or buy some new ones from a thrift store or garage sale. Pick the colors that match the color of the vase.

  3. Wrap the necklaces around the neck of the vase, overlapping several times so that they fit snuggly.

  4. Adhere the beads to the vase using a hot glue gun. Dab small beads of glue to the necklace as you string it to the vase.

  5. Fill the vase with flowers that compliment or contrast your color scheme. Use silk or fresh flowers to finish off you design.