How to Organize Your Cluttered Apartment

If you find that the clutter is taking over your life (not to mention your living space) and your home is getting too cramped, then it's high time to do some necessary spring cleaning. This plan is good anytime of the year. Read on to learn how to organize your cluttered apartment.

  1. Set several hours aside where you can dedicate to cleaning out all the clutter in the home from magazines, trash and overall junk that's built up.
  2. Sift through all your magazines and tear out the articles that are of interest and then throw out the rest of the issue in shopping bags that act as trash bags that you'll recycle later. Organize all the articles and put them in a binder.
  3. Label each binder's spine "Magazines" or "Documents" for whatever you want to put in each.
  4. After the magazines, continue to sort through the entire paper pileup including mail and such.
  5. Once the paper trail is in order, attack your CD collection. Put them in alphabetical order or categorize all of the CDs in whatever fashion you would like, then stack them up accordingly.
  6. Remove the disc and CD sleeve from the plastic case and place them into the CD book. Though pretty, the plastic casings take up lots of unnecessary space so get rid of and recycle them.
  7. Gather all the little trinkets and baubles ranging from jewelry to random knickknacks like pens and paper clips and put them in small container boxes for storage. Such containers are stackable so they can be tucked neatly away in the corner. You can attach labels to the outside of these boxes to identify them.
  8. Once you remove all the paper and organize the little things, you'll start to see prime real estate open up in your home.

Things You Will Need

  • Binders
  • CD books
  • Label maker
  • Marker pens
  • Small container boxes
  • Garbage bags/shopping bags