How to Arrange Patio Furniture

Arranging your patio furniture in an eye-pleasing as well as functional manner can really add comfort to your yard. With some simple guidelines, you can spruce up your patio and make it look inviting and welcoming, while keeping function in the forefront. A well arranged patio will create even more living space for you and your family to enjoy.

  1. Purchase patio furniture that fits the space you will use it in appropriately. Furniture that is too large for the space will not allow room to walk while furniture that is too small will make your patio space seem empty and incomplete.

  2. Consider how the space is currently used. Keep the walkways and traffic patterns clear as they are unlikely to change. Make sure doorways and windows are open and accessible.

  3. Set your longest piece of patio furniture against the longest wall or railing. Once you have this piece in place, it will make arranging the remaining pieces easier.

  4. Place patio chairs close to the longest piece to promote easy conversation and an inviting feeling.

  5. Remember to place small tables near your patio furniture to accommodate a glass of ice tea and your favorite gardening magazine. Place the tables as you would place end tables and coffee tables in your home.

  6. Accessorize your patio furniture arrangement with extras such as lighting, floor coverings and plants. Pillows add a finishing touch to any furniture arrangement.

  7. Keep the area around your barbecue grill out of reach of the furniture. This will keep small children and guests safe while they enjoy your patio.

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