How to Get a Life Alert Bracelet

Purchasing a medic alert or life alert bracelet for yourself or someone you love just may be the best investment you ever make. These wonderful devices can save lives in the event the patient is unable to speak or communicate in an emergency. No only will it ensure that they receive optimal care, it will prevent treatment that could be dangerous for them.

  1. Visit your local pharmacy and ask about medic alert or life alert bracelets. They can provide you with a simple alert bracelet for under $10 that is engraved with your medical alert condition. If you wish to have more information added, you can either ask them to engrave it for you (some will) or take to a jeweler and have it engraved.
  2. Visit you local jeweler and ask to see their medic alert bracelets. The jeweler will be able to engrave the needed information.
  3. Go online (see Resources) to purchase a medic alert dog tag to wear. These are engraved with your medical condition and sell for under $10.
  4. Check to make sure the information engraved on your bracelet or dog tag is accurate.
  5. Always wear your medical alert bracelet even if you are only going for a short walk. It can't save your life if you leave it at home.

Things You Will Need

  • Patient medical history
  • Contact numbers

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