How to Clean Your Carpet

A stained carpet can be a real eye-sore especially if the carpet is light in color.

How to Get a Clean Carpet

Learn how to get a clean carpet.Learn how to get a clean carpet.
This article will provide information on how to clean your carpet.

Rent a carpet cleaning machine. These are available at most grocery stores and super stores. Read the instructions and pick the machine you feel is most appropriate for your situation. Purchase the cleaning solution required by the machine. Purchase a spot treatment for your carpet if needed as well.

Remove any furniture from the carpet that you want to clean.

Vacuum the carpet to remove any excess dirt from the surface. This should also expose any hidden stains.

Pre-treat carpet stains by spraying them with a carpet spot treatment before running the machine over the carpet. Allowing the stain remover to work in for several minutes should help loosen up the contents of the stain, enabling for easier removal.

Follow the directions on machine for adding cleaner and water. Plug in the machine and turn it on when it is on the carpet. Start using the machine by going in a back and forth motion over the carpet. Make sure to run the machine over the entire carpet, not just the soiled parts, otherwise you may see patches of cleaner carpet when it dries. You may want to run it multiple times over stained areas to ensure removal. You will likely have to stop and and empty out dirtied water and refill with clean water and cleaner several times before finishing the entire carpet. Make sure to note what the indicators for changing the water are by reading the instructions.

Stay out of the room until the carpet is completely dry. You may choose to turn on a fan to speed up the drying process.

Look over the carpet once it is dry and decide whether you want to re-run the machine. It can take more than one time to get a clean carpet if it is really soiled. Re-run the machine or return it to the store if you are satisfied.

Things You Will Need

  • carpet cleaning machine
  • machine specific carpet cleaner
  • vacuum
  • spot treatment carpet cleaner


  • It is a good idea to try the spot cleaner and carpet cleaner in an inconspicuous area of the carpet to make sure that discoloration does not occur.
  • Consider using one of the local carpet cleaning services if you are having trouble handling the job yourself.

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