How to Choose a Washer And Dryer

When appliance shopping, choosing the best appliance that will fit your needs is not always so easy. Just because a particular brand of appliance is cheaper, it does not mean that it has the right functions that your household requires. When choosing a washer and dryer, size, function and efficiency all play a factor in the purchase. Follow the guidelines highlighted in this article to help you to decipher what your household requirements are when it comes to shopping for a washer and dryer.

How To Choose A Washer And Dryer

  1. Compare load capacities. Take into consideration the size of your family. If you have small children, chances are you will have excessive laundry loads, so you should shop for a larger load capacity, like that of LG's version of a large load washer which includes seven cycles as well as 4 cubic feet of washing space. If you live alone, you may consider a stackable washer and dryer combo, such as what Frigidaire has to offer for prices as low as $650.

  2. Know your laundry needs. If you wear a considerable number of delicate garments, then you should choose a washer with a hand wash cycle and a dryer with multiple cycle selections. If you tend to hang your clothing to dry, but dry your sheets and towels, you should shop for an energy efficient dryer with an auto dry feature (auto dry feature means that the dryer stops working when the clothing is dry). GE has a dryer named the Profile Harmony that offers such features as a drying rack and an anti-bacteria cycle. Dryers with such elaborate features can cost as much $1,000.

  3. Choose a front load washer and dryer. If you have a difficult time reaching down into the washer to remove the articles of clothing, shop for a front load washer and dryer. They are made in the same fashion as the professional laundromat washers and dryers. Front load washers and dryers eliminate the need for bending over, therefore, eliminating back and knee pain.

  4. Consider the power source. While with washers you may not have a choice, dryers are made in a selection of electric, gas or both. Conduct research according to brand name to find out which power source is more efficient and suitable to your household needs.

  5. Consider the price. Contrary to popular belief, price comparison should be the last step to shopping for a washer and dryer. While in the process of shopping for the best fitting washer and dryer, shop according to brand name to find the combo that will fit your needs as a household.