How to Balance a 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

Have you just spent another night listening to the sound of pending doom coming from your ceiling fan? The sound of a wobbly ceiling fan can be a scary thing that will leave you worrying until you have finally tracked down and fixed the problem. If you've checked the fan's mounting and checked for bent or loose blades, and these don't seem to be an issue, more than likely your fan is unbalanced.

How to Balance Your Ceiling Fan Using a Balancing Kit

  1. Refer to the original instructions that came with the fan. Follow the steps listed in the manual. If the original manual is not available, look on-line to see if a version of it available on the Web.

  2. Turn off the fan.

  3. Work on one fan blade at a time. Add a weight and a clip to the blade from your balancing kit.

  4. Turn on the fan. If the fan no longer seems to be wobbling, you have found the imbalance.

  5. Permanently attach the weight to the blade. Most kits provide weights that have adhesive already attached to them.

  6. If the fan is still out of balance, continue to the next blade until you've found the imbalance. This process is often one of trial and error.

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