How to Recover a Recliner

Many of us love to kickback and relax in our favorite recliner. But unfortunately the arms may have started to wear out and there might be rips in the seat where the dog dug at it trying to find his bone. You hate to get rid of it because it is just so darned comfortable. But it has become such an eyesore that you are ashamed for anyone to see it, let alone sit on it. Follow these easy steps and you will be able to recover your reclining chair to make it look new again.

Don't throw away your old recliner!
  1. Turn the recliner over and remove the staples or nails. Carefully remove the old fabric from the chair. Keep the pieces in tact so that you can use them to make a perfect pattern for the recliner.

  2. Lay the new fabric out on a large flat surface. Pin the old fabric pieces to the new with right sides together. With the scissors, cut around the pinned pieces of fabric, cutting out the new pieces that you will be using.

  3. After you have successfully cut out all of the pieces, sew the back and front of the chair together with a 5/8-inch seam. Remember to keep right sides together so that the seam will be hidden. Leave the bottom section of the back open so that it will fit over the back of the chair. Line up the corners and seams then turn the chair over and secure it to the bottom of the chair back with the staple gun, pulling the fabric taunt as you staple.

  4. With right sides together sew the front, back and sides of each arm together with a 5/8-inch seam. Again leave the bottom of each one open and fit them onto each side of the chair. Line up the corners and seams, turn the chair over and staple them down as well.

  5. Now with right sides together again, sew the front, sides and back of the seat cushion together, again leaving the back of the cushion open so that the foam for the cushion can be inserted. If you would like to firm up the seat a little you can wrap batting around the foam before inserting it into the seat cover. After inserting the foam, line up all of the corners. Then hand sew it shut in the back. Don't forget that you will need to staple fabric onto the foot rest and over the reclining mechanism as well.