How to Fold Fitted Sheets Neatly

Fitted sheets aren't that easy to fold since the edges don't line up the way a flat sheet does.

Tidy linen closetTidy linen closet
Here's my technique to fold a fitted sheet in a reasonably neat way so it stacks well in the linen closet.

Put your hand inside one fitted corner, then put that corner inside an adjacent fitted corner.

You'll need a flat surface to lay the fitted sheet on if you're doing this solo. I use my bed or you can use a clean carpeted floor. Lay the sheet (with the two corners overlapped) on your flat surface. Now match the other two corners and overlap those like you did for the first two corners. It should look like the picture at left.

Smooth the whole thing out. Pull in the edges and line them up, so it forms a big rectangle. Now all the uneven edges are to the inside where they won't be a problem.

Fold the sheet over to form a smaller square. Try to keep the side flaps folded while you do this. That's where having it on a flat surface helps.

Keep folding the sheet into smaller and smaller halves until it is the right size to put away.

Wasn't that easy! Now you have a neat stack with the pillowcases, flat sheet and folded sheet.


  • Even if there's a second person to help with the folding, I find I can even out the edges better by laying it flat.