Troubleshooting a GE Eterna Washing Machine

The GE Eterna washing machine is a popular type of top-load washer models, including the EWA3000B3WW. These top-load Eterna washing machines are fairly new but can still run into some common problems. In order to determine the cause of the malfunction, you can perform some basic troubleshooting techniques for your GE Eterna washer. If you are unable to find the cause of the issue, contact GE to arrange for service.

  1. Unplug the GE Eterna washing machine. Sometimes simply unplugging your washer and then plugging it back in will solve the issue. This has proven effective when the Eterna washer has been stuck on the spin cycle.

  2. Look at your hose connections. If you are suffering water leaks when running your GE Eterna washer, it may be a connection issue. Make sure the hoses are tight at faucets and rubber washers are installed. The faucets should be fully turned on as well.

  3. Use a water conditioner. If your clothes turn discolored while using the GE Eterna washing machine, you may have to add a water softener to your water supply. Also, if your clothes are sudsy, you need to adjust the amount of detergent that you use in the washer.

  4. Check the temperature of your water heater. If the hot water does not seem to be working in your GE Eterna washer, then you should adjust the thermostat of your water heater. It should be set between 120 degrees and 140 degrees F.

  5. Remove the shipping rod if you hear any strange sounds from your GE Eterna washing machine. To remove the shipping rod, look for a yellow tag at the bottom of the washer on the right side. Pull the tag and attached pole, then dispose of the items.