How to Build Your Garage Into a Bar

Have you ever wanted a bar of your own? Why not build one? With the proper materials and a little bit of elbow grease, you can turn your garage into a stylish bar that will make all of your friends jealous. These instructions assume that your garage is already finished with drywall and sheetrock and wired for electricity. If that is not the case, have a professional do these things before you get started.

Step 1

Take everything out of the garage and find another place to store it. If you need at least some of your garage for storage, decide what part will be the "bar" area and what part will be the storage area.

Step 2

Remove all cobwebs from the walls and ceiling. Wash the walls if they are dirty. Sweep and mop the garage floor.

Step 3

Remodel the garage. Choose an interior paint in a warm color that you like. Following the directions on the paint can, paint your garage walls. Decide what type of flooring you want. Vinyl and linoleum are easy to care for, or you might prefer the look of hardwood or laminate. Finish the floor according to the instructions given for the type of flooring you selected.

Step 4

Bring your bar into the garage and place it in the appropriate spot.

Step 5

Arrange bottles of your favorite liquors behind the bar. If you want to have beer on tap, install a draft beer tower and kegerator next to the bar. A kegerator is an appliance that refrigerates and dispenses kegs of draft beer. They are expensive. A much cheaper option would be to keep cold bottled beer behind the bar in a cooler or fridge.

Step 6

If desired, install a mini-fridge behind the bar to keep cold juices and other mixers on standby. Otherwise, fill up a cooler with ice and bring mixers into the bar as necessary.

Step 7

Arrange bar stools and chairs in front of the bar.

Step 8

Hook up a CD player or MP3 player so you and your friends can listen to music. You may also want to bring in a TV.

Step 9

Finish decorating with party lights, neon bar signs and your favorite pictures and posters.Brighten up your garage with some attractive floor lamps.


  • Do not let your friends drink and drive-in many states, you could be held liable!
  • If you start selling liquor instead of just throwing parties, you'll need a liquor license and may be in violation of zoning restrictions.