How to Install Two Wax Rings in a Toilet

Craig Brewer

If you find that you have water leaking from around the base of your toilet, your wax ring may not be functioning properly. If you have recently replaced the wax ring, the problem may be the base of your toilet is too far from the floor. In this case, you can consider using two wax rings instead of one. Note that this is not an ideal fix, but it is certainly cheaper than having the floor of your bathroom leveled.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet. You can find this connected at the back wall.

  2. Flush the toilet a few times to empty the tank.

  3. Unscrew the water line from the tank. Have towels ready as some water will likely spill out.

  4. Remove the toilet mounting bolts on each side of the toilet. These are under the decorative covers and are quite long, so be prepared to unscrew for longer than you're expecting. Set the screws in a safe place.

  5. Lift the toilet, and move it to the side. If you find it too difficult to maneuver, you can remove the tank from the base by unscrewing the bolts located underneath the tank. Again, be ready for some leaking water.

  6. Remove the old wax ring, and clean the area thoroughly to be sure that all the old wax is gone.

  7. Set the two wax rings on the metal mounting ring. Make sure that the rings are aligned as perfectly as you can get them. Press down on them to try to make sure that they seal together somewhat.

  8. Replace the toilet, making sure to press straight down on the wax rings. You want to be sure that one ring does not slide to the side as this will disrupt the seal you are trying to make.

  9. Screw the bolts back down, replace the covers, reattach the water line and test your toilet. Wait a few minutes to be sure you have no leakage. If you see water along the base of the toilet, you will need to repeat the entire procedure, ideally with new wax rings.