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How to Use Flash Defrost on a Kenmore Freezer

James Clark

Kenmore freezers sold by Sears come with a flash-defrost feature that allows you to thaw foods quickly, or the freezer unit can be cleaned easily while the frozen food is temporarily stored in coolers or an ice chest. The flash-defrost feature activates a heating unit that rapidly cools the freezer condenser coils, allowing accumulated ice to melt away and affording easy cleaning of the freezer chest compartment. A freezer operates more efficiently when it is periodically defrosted and cleaned. This article explains how to use the flash feature on your Kenmore freezer.

Kenmore freezers are equipped with a flash defrost feature that makes thawing food fast and easy.
  1. Transfer the frozen food in the freezer to several ice chests or coolers, and place towels or rags on the floor near the edge of the freezer to catch any runoff.

  2. Switch on the flash defrost. This causes the unit's heating coils to melt frost quickly from the cooling coils. Follow the owner's manual instructions, which explain how long it should take your particular model to defrost.

  3. Clean the interior of the freezer with a damp cloth and nonabrasive cleaner when the flash-defrost completes its cycle.

  4. Reset the freezer to the desired setting and transfer the frozen food back into the appliance.