How to Make Your Own Fondue Pot

Fondue is a cheesy or chocolaty dip used for fruits, veggies and bread, and is often traditional for New Year's dinners and romantic date nights. While buying an expensive fondue pot can make the experience romantic, it is also possible to create your own fondue pot with common household items.

Make Your Own Fondue Pot
  1. Place your fireproof hot pads on the surface where you want to enjoy your fondue. Your hot pads should be similar to the pads you would use to keep a hot casserole from damaging your table at dinner time. Just make sure that your pads are made of a nonflammable material before using them.

  2. Place your bricks on top of the hot pads so that the saucepan will be able to sit on top of it. Then, set the Sterno between the bricks. The Sterno is the element that will keep your fondue pot warm as you are enjoying your fondue.

  3. Put the pebbles at the bottom of your saucepan and then fill it with about an inch of water. Set your ceramic souffle dish inside of the saucepan. Place over high heat until the water boils and then proceed to make your fondue sauce, replacing water in the saucepan as it runs low.

  4. Light the Sterno and place the saucepan with the souffle dish in it on top of the bricks so that the Sterno can keep it warm. You might want to have an extra Sterno on hand in case your first one runs out before dinner is over.

  5. Stir your fondue occasionally as you're enjoying it and keep an eye on the water level in the saucepan to make sure that it is not getting low. This is all that is needed to enjoy your fondue dinner and it can be achieved easily at any time, without purchasing expensive equipment.

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