How Can I Decorate My Room With No Money?

If your bedroom is blah and you're short on cash, you can still decorate it without spending any money. You may be surprised by the items you already have around your house that can be used to update the look of your room. A little creativity goes a long way in pulling together a new look without ever needing to visit the store for new items.

Changing a bedroom's look doesn't have to cost money.

Step 1

Plan out your area. If your bedroom serves multiple uses, such as for sleeping and as a home office, separate the two areas. Rearranging furniture will give the bedroom a new look and feel.

Step 2

Shop in your closet. Alter old sheets and blankets into curtains, throw pillows or duvet covers. A king-size sheet can make two pillow shams and a set of curtains. Minimal sewing skills are needed and you can even sew them by hand.

Step 3

Change your fixtures. Paint lamp shades and switch plates with acrylic paints from your craft bin. You can also glue magazine pages, tissue paper or wrapping paper on them for a decoupage look. Cover the paper with a second coat of glue to seal it. If decorating a shade with paper, use only a low-wattage LED lightbulb to ensure safety.

Step 4

Choose a theme. Colors, patterns or a specific theme will pull your room together. Check out your fabric or paper stash for items that fit your theme. You can glue them around old coffee cans to use as planters or storage. You can also wrap plain cardboard boxes and stack them for bedside tables or further storage.

Step 5

Use what you have. If you need something to stuff in the throw pillow cases you made, fold up extra blankets and place them inside. No one will know they aren't real pillows and this is an attractive way to store blankets. Many items can serve a new purpose if you use your imagination.

Step 6

Make your own wall art. Look for magazine pictures that match your theme and put them in frames you already own. If you don't have any frames, make an inexpensive mat by painting a flat sheet of cardboard and gluing the picture to the center.

Step 7

Use personal collections as wall art. Put hooks in the wall and hang your necklace collection in an attractive pattern. You can also hang hats and scarves along a wall attractively. If you own a pretty quilt, whether handmade or store-bought, hang it on one wall as a centerpiece to draw the eye.

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