How to Troubleshoot GE Washers

General Electric, or GE, is a popular manufacturer of home appliances, including washers.

Some examples of washing machines produced by GE are Profile Harmony, Profile Energy Star and Space Saving. If your washer starts to malfunction, GE recommends that you do some basic troubleshooting before you call for service. For specific troubleshooting help, refer to your owner's manual.

Replace any blown fuses if your GE washer does not turn on. Remove the access panel of the GE washer with a screwdriver. Locate the blown fuse and pull it out by hand before pushing in a replacement fuse. GE recommends using a time-delay fuse in their washers. Replace the access panel with the screwdriver. You may need to reset your home circuit breaker as well to resolve any power issues. Check that the unit is plugged in and the lid is closed as well if the washer fails to operate.

Review any status indicators that appear on the display of your GE washer. If you have a display panel, error codes may show up when you are experiencing an issue with the washer. For example, "UB" means you have an unbalanced load and "LO" means the washer's lid is not closed.

Check the drain hose for your GE washer. If it has a kink in it, it could be preventing the water from draining out properly. Make sure all hoses are secured and free of holes.

Examine the faucets and fill hoses if water is not filling the washer. The incoming faucets need to be turned to the on position and the fill hoses must be free of clogs or kinks. Fill hoses wear easily and typically require replacement after five years of use.

View the temperature of your household water heater. If the water being used in the washer is not being warmed up properly, it could indicate an issue with your water heater.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Fuse


  • Avoid overloading your GE washer to prevent an unbalanced load. Unbalanced loads can cause the washer to shake and the wash cycle to not complete.


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