How to Use a Dyson Animal Attachment

Pet owners know that cleaning pet hair out of carpets and upholstered furniture is a tough task. Many vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to remove pet hair, leaving owners with few options to clean their carpets and furniture. The Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute is an upright vacuum cleaner that includes a special attachment for cleaning pet hair. The animal turbo tool attachment uses an air-powered brush to disengage the hair from the carpet or fabric, making it easier to pick up with the vacuum.

  1. Turn off the vacuum cleaner, place the handle in an upright position and unplug the machine. This will prevent accidental operation of the machine when setting up the animal turbo tool attachment.

  2. Stand in front of the vacuum cleaner, squeeze the wand release lever located above the handle and pull up. This will disengage the handle from the vacuum cleaner housing.

  3. Grip the top of the wand located in front of the handle and slide it out of the tube.

  4. Press the wand release button located near the hose and pull the wand out of the hose.

  5. Insert the animal turbo tool attachment by sliding it into the hose until you hear it snap in place.

  6. Press the "power" button on the vacuum cleaner to start the machine. The suction is transferred from the main nozzle to the animal attachment hooked up to the hose.

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