How to Replace a Ceiling Fan Remote

Remote control fans are an easy way to control the temperature or breeze in a room when you don't want to, or cannot, get up to change the settings on your fan. They are nice for bedrooms because you can control your fan from your bed. They're especially nice when someone is ill or recovering from an injury because there's no need to walk to the fan. If your fan remote is lost or broken you will probably want to replace it to continue using the convenient feature.

Replacing Your Remote With the Original Model

  1. Look through your owner's manual to find any information about ordering replacement parts. If there is not an obvious contact number for that, try looking for the general contact information for the manufacturer. The information is usually located in the back of the manual.

  2. Locate the model number for your fan and the remote. The model numbers will be on the front of the manual or on the first page.

  3. Contact the company and order your remote. Have your model number handy in case you need to provide it.

Replacing Your Remote With a Universal Model

  1. Write down your fan's model number and manufacturer and go to a home improvement store or search online for universal remotes.

  2. Find a remote that will work with your model of fan. Your model number will be useful when deciding which remote to buy. Show it to a store clerk, or compare it with the supported models if buying a remote online.

  3. Read through your remote's owner's manual to find out if you need to program your remote. If so, follow the manufacturer's instructions. If it doesn't need to be programmed, you can use it immediately.


  • Only purchase fan remotes that are compatible with your fan; any other remotes may not work.
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