How to Put the Plastic Toddler Bed Together

Giselle Diamond

Few things mark the transitions from baby to toddler better than moving your little one out of their crib and into their very own little bed. With this being such an exciting prospect for any child, they are further delighted in choosing from one of the many different types of plastic toddler beds available in stores. Putting these plastic toddler beds together can be easily done by a handy parent, and given that all of the necessary pieces are supplied, it can be done rather quickly and without much stress.

Lay out parts

Step 1

All of the necessary plastic sides and parts, as well as their fastening devices, should be included; you need to account for them. In the instance of the Fire Engine Toddler Bed, there will be eight 2 1/2 inch long screws, six 1 1/2 inch long screws, eight 3/4 inch long screws and two short screw plugs. As for the plastic parts, there will be the front bumper with the face, two side panels, the backings and framework, for a total of 15 parts.

Step 2

Insert two sides to the back frame. Select both the left and right sides of the plastic fire engine (each one will have the look of a car's outside left and right side with a ladder) and connect them to the plastic rear. Insert the hooks located at the back end of the sides into the slots of the back. Do this for both the left and right side.

Step 3

Attach the back hood.The back end of the fire truck will now insert into the top of the back panel frame that has been connected to the two sides of the car. This half-domed plastic piece will slide into the slots on the top of the back frame.

Step 4

Screw the top in place. Using one of the longest screws, screw it into the hole of the side panel where it is met with the back hood. Use a second screw for the other side of the truck as well.

Step 5

Attach the front bumper.The front bumper of the truck, with the face on it, will now fit nicely in notches of the two sides. Allow the two curved wheels to slip into the concave slots. Then fasten them in place with one 1 1/2 inch screw on each side.

Step 6

Affix the hubcaps. Screw the four small plastic hubcaps on each side with two 3/4 inch screws for each wheel.

Step 7

Fit in the mattress supports.The three mattress support panels will now connect into the side framework. Fit one into the very back where the notches indicate and fasten that panel in place with a 2 1/2 inch screw for each side. The front panel will attach in the same fashion in the front, and keep it in place with two 2 1/2 inch screws as well. Finally, the middle panel will fit between these two other panels and will be fixed in place with a 1 1/2 inch screw to each side.

Step 8

Attach nose and decals. You will now put the nose on the front bumper by using two 2 1/2 in screws accordingly. Then you can peel the stickers off and put them in the correct positions as well.

Step 9

Put in mattress.The bed has been completed and you can now outfit it with sheets, pillow and blankets!