How to Lube an Office Chair

Sean Drapac

Squeaky office chairs can be an annoyance to coworkers and to yourself. The noise is distracting and can lead to lower productivity. The most common cause of a squeaky chair is a lack of lubrication. With a little bit of lubricating spray, your office chair will no longer squeak and you can go back to a productive workday.

  1. Test the chair to find the exact point of the squeak. The two most common areas are the base and the back support.

  2. Spray the squeaky area clean with canned air to clear away any dust and dirt.

  3. Spray the squeaking area with the silicon-based spray. Be sure to spray part of the chair where two metal pieces touch each other. This is a common area for squeaking.

  4. Move the part back and forth to allow the lubricant to spread to the entire piece.

  5. Repeat as needed if the chair starts to squeak again, because the lubricant will eventually dry out over time.