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How to Troubleshoot a Pelton & Crane Dental Chair

Tammy Bronson

When a dental chair malfunctions every minute is a loss of money. The time spent finding someone to repair the dental chair is also lost money. Patient care also suffers when a dental chair malfunctions. There is liability if the patient is in the chair and an injury occurs because of a malfunction. To minimize the risk of lost income and unsatisfied customers, Pelton & Crane recommends a scheduled program of maintenance for the dental chairs it manufactures.

To feel relaxed, patients need to feel safe in the dental chair.
  1. Make sure the power cord is in the outlet. Test the power coming from the circuit breaker by using a voltmeter. Touch the tip of the voltmeter directly onto the wires of the circuit breaker. If the needle moves vertically then the outlet has power. Depending on the model of chair, you need 115V or 220V.

  2. Test the connections of the chair power cord and the gray cord on the backside of the chair. The gray plug is located at the rear of the lift. Push the plugs together tightly.

  3. Examine the 4-connector plug on the dental chair. Push the plug into the black coil cord firmly. The black coil cord is located at the rear of lift.

  4. Tip

    Newer dental chairs have the black coil cord on the front of the lift.


    When testing electricity, test the voltmeter on an outlet you know works before going to the circuit breaker.