How to Put an Oven Door Back on

If your oven door is bent or warped, you'll need to install a replacement.

Oven door hinges are usually spring-mounted, so don't put your fingers near the area between the hinge and the oven's front frame, as the hinge could slam shut instantly, causing injury. Despite that word of caution, installing your oven door is actually very easy, requiring no tools.

Lift the oven door at each side with your hands. Hold the door evenly a few inches from the oven frame. Have an assistant help you, if necessary.

Locate the slots in the sides of the door, and line them up with the the hinge arms on your range.

Lower the oven door onto the hinge arms. Stop when you feel it sitting on the hinges.

Place your hand at the top of the door, and push downward to secure the door on the hinges. Depending on your type of oven, there will be hinges on each side of the door, toward the bottom, that you simply latch into place with your fingers.

Open and close the door to check that it is correctly secured.


  • Ovens vary greatly in maintenance procedures. Consult your owner's manual for detailed instructions for your specific model.
  • If the door looks crooked or doesn't open properly, remove it and install it again.
  • According to Magic Chef, newly installed oven doors may at first feel "spongy" upon closing them.

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