How to Use a Hamilton Beach Snowman Ice Shaver

Irene A. Blake

The simple design, sharp shaving blade and sturdy motor of the Hamilton Beach Snowman Ice Shaver help to transform ordinary ice into a "snow-like" texture. Whether you need shaved ice for a dessert or for use in smoothies or other iced drinks for a party or health-conscious diet, using the Snowman isn't difficult. Simply prepare your ice, assemble the unit, make your shavings and combine with a beverage, snow-cone syrup, fruit and/or dessert topping.

  1. Prepare ice to use in your Hamilton Beach Snowman Ice Shaver. Although the Hamilton Beach freezer containers make large ice "rounds" designed to fit the shaver, you can also use ice cubes. If you don't have pre-made ice, freeze flavored or unflavored liquid at last 24 hours before use. Consider using juice, soda, coffee, tea, snow-cone syrup or prepare plain water ice cubes that you can use in desserts or flavor after shaving.

  2. Place the Snowman Ice Shaver on a flat surface near an electrical socket when ready for use.

  3. Position a container such as dessert glass, cup or bowl onto the base's platform. Use a container larger than the width of the shaver's ice chamber to stop any shavings from falling outside of the container.

  4. Assemble the shaver. Align the flat sides of the shaver's ice chamber with the flat sides of the base and slide the ice chamber into place.

  5. Fill the ice chamber with your ice and then slip the motor housing securely over the ice chamber.

  6. Plug your shaver into an electric socket.

  7. Shave the ice by pushing down firmly on the top of the motor housing. Shave to your desired amount---refilling the ice chamber as needed. When finished, use your shaved ice in a dessert or drink. For example, make smoothies by adding fruit chunks and juice. Make snow-cones by shaving flavored ice or adding your favorite syrup to plain ice. Top with fruit or a dessert topping such as cookie pieces, nuts, chocolate or butterscotch syrup, fudge or a dairy/non-dairy whipped topping such as maple "sea foam" or flavored whipped yogurt.

  8. Unplug the unit to clean it. Wash the shaver pieces, except for the motor housing, in mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and air-dry before reassembling.